Be Still and Know Retreats

Be Still and Know Retreats offer mental wellness retreats to organizations and ministries who address and treat trauma and/or traumatic events

Is your organization suffering from emotional burnout?

Are your personal and professional relationships suffering or negatively impacted by the stress of this season?

Are your employees struggling with compassion fatigue?

Are their signs of vicarious trauma throughout your ministry?

Sitting Well at The Well Ministries offers Be Still and Know multi-day, multi-night retreats!  These retreats are specifically formatted to help individuals, couples, leaders, and organizations connect, rest and refresh; learn and grow; and then return equipped and ready to thrive in their daily lives and areas of influence. 

Our team-members have experience and the ability to partner with you to provide clinically sound getaways that meet your organization and ministry group’s specific needs. We recognize that whether you are a professional helper in the church or public sector, a lay-person in a helping role, or a parent or family-care provider, taking care of hurting-others can become traumatic and challenging at times.  Many helpers find themselves exhausted, depleted, and struggling in their professional and personal lives and relationships—we want to come alongside you and provide strategic support as you navigate, heal from, and prevent these challenges.  We are able to clinically assess and address burnout and compassion-fatigue, and support individuals and groups who provide crisis and trauma care to others.  

In the past, we have partnered with professional ministry groups as they built team dynamics and self-care practices, provided a day of spiritual refreshing for professional helpers, and hosted an overnight retreat allowing women to be still and refocus with purpose on their life goals and pursuit of Christ.  We are excited to expand and continue our Be Still and Know retreat programming in 2023 and hope you join us! 


· Sense of failure or self-doubt

· Feeling helpless, trapped, and defeated

· Detachment, feeling alone in the world

· Loss of motivation

· Increasingly cynical and negative outlook

· Decreased satisfaction and sense of accomplishment

Compassion Fatigue

· Feelings of helplessness and powerlessness in the face of other’s suffering

· Reduced feelings of empathy and sensitivity

· Mental exhaustion

· Physical exhaustion

· Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by the work you do

· Feeling detached, numb and emotionally disconnected

Vicarious Trauma

· Experiencing lingering feelings of anger, rage, and sadness about other’s victimization

· Becoming overly involved emotionally with the person you are helping

· Experiencing bystander guilt shame and feelings of self-doubt

· Being preoccupied with thoughts of victims you work with outside of work

· Over identification with the victim

· Loss of hope, pessimism, cynicism

If you are experiencing five or more of these symptoms you are likely suffering from these common challenges facing leaders, community organizations, helpers, and those in ministry. Reach out to us today to learn more!

What you can expect

Within a month of the retreat a member of the clinical team will meet (virtually or in person) with each retreat participant to fill out a detailed information sheet.

Upon arrival each participant will meet with a member of clinical team and go over the individualized retreat plan.

Retreat plans will include:

1. activities, specific to the individual, that are of high interest and refreshing to that individual.

2. Community activities that are structured to enhance community/team building.

3. Free time for individuals/groups to create their own activities that are refreshing.

4. Structured times of reflection and goal setting.

Upon leaving each participant will have a yearlong plan of maintenance that allow for daily restoration.

A clinical team member with do quarterly check-in.

Retreats are structured on a 2-5 night itinerary. Shorter or longer retreats are possible.